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6 Signs it’s time to replace your Mac

by December 09, 2019 Cloud

Apple computers are built to last. However, you’ll eventually experience some issues with their machines and have to replace it

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Office 365 feature highlight: Predictive forecasting

by December 02, 2019 Cloud

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an application with features that can help predict and identify risks and opportunities

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Secure your data in the cloud

by November 29, 2019 Cloud

Data breaches are a common occurrence in today’s business environment. While many businesses have turned to cloud apps for better

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BI is not just for the big boys

by November 28, 2019 Cloud

Most of us don’t normally associate Business Intelligence (BI) with small- or medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The huge investment required to

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What to expect from Windows 10’s November 2019 Update

by November 27, 2019 Cloud

Microsoft recently released the latest version of Windows 10, so it’s time to update your PC’s operating system. While it’s

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How to strengthen your BYOD security

by November 26, 2019 Cloud

Mobile technology has drastically changed the way we live. And just as many people have “cut the cord” in their

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Why more healthcare providers are using EMRs

by November 25, 2019 Cloud

Electronic medical records (EMR) are digitized versions of patients’ information. Using EMRs can significantly reduce transcription costs and the need

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What you need to know about Android malware

by November 22, 2019 Cloud

Smartphones are like palm-sized computers, so you should protect them the way you do your laptop and desktop. While you

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Why hyperconvergence could be the solution your business needs

by November 21, 2019 Cloud

For many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), resources can be scarce and, very often, IT takes a back seat. Hyperconverged

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Simple tips to prevent Mac ransomware

by November 20, 2019 Cloud

High-profile ransomware cases include the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks in 2017, which infected hundreds of thousands of Windows PCs around

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