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Is Your Construction Business Ready for the Cloud?

Mobile Apps Can Streamline Your On-Site Operations

Like nearly every other industry in today’s ultra-connected workforce, the construction sector is going through a bit of a digital transformation. With workers at all levels of the industry connected like never before, ample opportunity exists to boost productivity, cut costs, and ramp up efficiency levels by taking advantage of the collaborative nature of mobile technology.

Construction Businesses

Mobile computing solutions offer the construction industry information availability in real-time, making it easier than ever before to communicate important data between the office and the construction site with the simple click of a button. That same technology functions as a productivity suite, and it can be used to track critical information and daily activity logs throughout the life cycle of a project.

If you’re looking for a reason to incorporate more mobile technology into your next construction project, here are seven good ones to consider:

1. Fewer construction delays.

Real-time information allows projects to remain on schedule. Incidents and other developments that need comprehensive documentation can be handled right at the job site with mobile technology like Office 365 or Google Apps.

2. Streamlined communications between project stakeholders and key personnel.

Mobile devices that are equipped to send data via automated email processes allow daily reports to be handled directly from the job site. When all key stakeholders are on the same page in real-time, mistakes and issues that detract from project completion become much less frequent and less detrimental to progress.

3. Improved back-office productivity and efficiency.

When the need for physical files is eliminated, construction companies realize huge cost savings. With less paperwork, fewer labor hours spent transcribing information into a database, and improved back-office efficiency, construction projects can be run more cost-effectively, on budget, and on schedule.

4. Increased accountability of field staff.

With an ever-present GPS embedded into the mobile device, staff travel times and mileage can be monitored with an eye toward improving the accountability and productivity of employees. When employees have less downtime, labor costs are reduced accordingly. Another way of achieving this is to utilize mobile apps for timekeeping functionality — it’s as effective as punching a timeclock back at the office.

5. Accurate documentation of all stages of the project.

When a mobile app is used to record information on the job site, it can improve accuracy and keep documentation issues from causing bigger problems down the road. With real-time documentation available on the job site, illegible handwriting can be corrected on-premises, and incorrect or inconsistent information can be clarified before moving on to the next task.

GPS coordinates, images, time stamps and signatures can all be captured on-site for extra accountability and accuracy — with the added benefit of facilitating an audit record along the way.

6. More cohesive equipment management.

Maintenance schedules, equipment availability, and inventory checklists are all available in real-time when construction companies go mobile. Organizations that deploy a database-centric mobile solution can leverage their equipment assets with better tracking and more efficient management that utilizes inventory more effectively across multiple construction projects and job sites.

7. Access to important files, plans and bylaws from anywhere on the job site.

Mobile apps provide end-to-end user access to information, so construction companies can upload multiple versions of the latest plans and drawings as they move through the construction process. Plans and bylaws can be stored offline for quick, paperless access from the job site, regardless of wireless connectivity.

With real-time access to virtually any critical piece of information necessary during a construction project, overall employee productivity improves, leading to fewer incidents, less employee downtime, and more jobs completed on budget and on schedule.

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