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CloudForms Hackathon Berlin 18-22 June 2018

CloudForms Hackathon


Last week we held a Hackathon in Berlin thanks to Christian Jung and Fabien Dupont. We had 35 attendees contributing to 12 tracks covering tons of topics related to State Machines, Ansible, Dynamic Resource Object and High Availability


If you want to join us next time, please let us know! We will be more than happy!



Here is the list of tracks from the Hackathon


1 Custom VM State Machines


2 The WinRM Stuff ESKOM and Accenture


3 CFME Deployment as code ELOS


4 Configure CloudForms with Ansible Proxy Managed Services


5 MENA Demo Lab Demo in a Box


6 Provisioning on 3 steps with CFME and Ansible (Tower or Inside)


7 Ansible-Azure


8 Cost forecast budgeting


9 Generic Objects


10 CSV Import Arif-ali


11 Dynamic Resource Object and AWS Load Balancer (With Ansible)


12 Database high availability for Single Region

CloudForms and OSP APIs


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