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Is Your Construction Business Technology Paying for Itself Yet?

Race Computer Services Optimizes Your IT for Maximum ROI

If you’re like most other construction companies, you’re probably always on the lookout for a way to boost your construction company’s productivity and profits. If you’re a construction company in New York City, where mobile offices and reliable data communications are key, you need a construction project management tool that is both cost-effective and easy to use across multiple mobile platforms.


With the powerful combination of Prolog Construction Project Management Software and Race Computer Services NYC managed information technology services experts, your construction projects will be more streamlined, efficient and productive. And you’ll have the support of your back office at your fingertips, with real-time communications and project information storage capabilities via the mobile cross-platform Prolog system.

Cloud capabilities offer reliable connectivity and information access, day-to-day productivity

When you migrate your construction business systems to the cloud, you gain a whole host of benefits that keep your communications streamlined, your employees productive, and your business profitable. Prolog gives you the flexibility to access and work with your project data from the construction site, back office, and even offline. The ability to securely access your construction data across multiple platforms, including desktop, the web, and mobile means, means no one will ever be without the information they need to get the job done.

Prolog software was designed by construction professionals, so project managers get the information they need to effectively manage their project scope, costs and schedules while construction teams have real-time access to on-site mobile construction data to keep the project moving forward. With Prolog, critical decisions with key stakeholders get made in real time to allow a project to move forward on time and on budget, regardless of the geographic location of the people involved.

Business networking and collaboration made easier with Race Computer Services and Prolog construction software

With the expert help of your local NYC Prolog IT service provider, Race Computer Services, Prolog software easily integrates with your other critical long-standing construction business apps. You can keep working with your back-office legacy business systems, and in combination with Prolog’s enhanced efficiency, you’ll get the best return for your software solutions dollar.

Networking and collaboration between different parts of your construction business, as well as with different organizations, is made easier with Prolog’s web-based end-to-end business solutions. These construction-specific solutions use an interoperable, extensible web services platform to allow key personnel using diverse information systems to collaborate, with increased user adoption via role-based user interfaces made possible within an organization. So no matter what software other departments or other organizations are running, with the Prolog web services interface, everyone can be on the same page.

Prolog provides the construction project management app; Race helps customize the software to provide maximum Benefit

Race Computer Services is a local NYC expert in construction project management software, with a special focus on Prolog systems and expertise in optimizing Prolog to each construction company’s unique needs. Whether your construction company can benefit from increased project management operations in the cloud, real-time mobile data access, or cross-platform business collaboration apps, Prolog software and Race Computer Services provide the best return on your technology investment.

If you think your business’s construction project management could benefit from the latest, most innovative mobile construction technology available, we can help. Prolog software systems offer maximum productivity, increased profitability, and the best value for your technology assets’ ROI. Race Computer Services is your local NYC IT services company specializing in Prolog mobile construction technology and productivity software. Contact us at {phone} or send us an email at {email} for a free consultation.