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Does Your Construction Software Need an Upgrade?

Race Computer Services Specializes in Prolog and Sage 100 Contractor for Maximum Profits and ROI

If your construction software has been giving you more headaches than solutions lately — or even if it just needs a tune-up — Race Computer Services is your local NYC IT service provider. Race Computer Services specializes in customizing construction business software systems such as Prolog and Sage 100 contractor software, which they easily integrate with back office software and other legacy systems to bring your whole construction management approach to an upgraded, more profitable, cost-saving performance level.

Prolog Software Offers Contractors a Variety of Interfaces for Easy Access to Information From Anywhere

Prolog Software provides a completely customizable construction project management solution from any device — and from any location — with real-time, secure access to your valuable business data. With Prolog, you can effectively manage your critical construction processes from one convenient dashboard. You’ll bring the entire construction team together when you work with Prolog software, from back office staff and on-site technicians, to key stakeholders and project management personnel.

When you team up with Race Computer Services to manage your construction software upgrade or install, you’ll get a complete project management package designed to advance your construction company’s specific goals — along with an expert local NYC construction software support team.

Sage 100 Contractor Provides Construction Accounting and Project Management Software in One Convenient Interface

Sage 100 Contractor Software provides small- and mid-sized construction companies with convenient access to important end-to-end business and project data. Sage 100 allows you to create competitive estimates and track job costs while keeping tabs on progress and productivity. With Sage 100, contractors can rest assured that they have access to accurate, up-to-date business information in real-time. Sage 100 provides your construction business data without blind spots — all from a user-friendly and secure project command center that allows you to keep all construction jobs on schedule and on budget.

Full document and customer service management capabilities round out the features of Sage 100, but the benefits don’t stop there. With the help of Race Computer Services, Sage 100 is easily tailored to fit any construction team’s unique needs, and you’ll get local NYC on-call software support whenever you need it.

If Your Construction Company Doesn’t Have an In-House IT Team, Race Computers Is Your Outsourced Solution

Race Computer Services provides businesses in the NYC area with a fully customized managed services plan that connects technology, support services and business processes with cost-effective expert IT solutions. With Race Computer Services’ proactive approach, you’ll get secure monitoring of employee workstations, antivirus software maintenance, secure firewall protection, and a cloud-based backup system for easy data recovery. Your service level agreement is always tailored to your business’s specific needs, so you’re never surprised by your IT bill, and you always know what IT services you’re getting for what you spend.

If you’re looking for a local NYC IT team that is always on-call and ready to help, Race Computer Services fits the bill. And if you need optimization of software systems to bring your construction business technology in line with your competition, you’ll have access to a team of experts that specializes in construction project management solutions like the Sage 100 and Prolog software systems.

Race Computer Services, combined with Prolog or Sage 100, provides a powerful combination that will take your construction company to the next level in technology, cost savings, and project management success. If you think your construction company could benefit from the latest, most innovative mobile construction management technology available, {company} is your local NYC IT services company specializing in Prolog and Sage 100 Contractor project management software systems. Contact us at {phone} or send us an email at {email} for more information.