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Good leaders direct, but great leaders delegate. When it comes to maximizing the efficiency of your financial workforce, you need all the minds on the markets that move in real time without having to worry about data backups or protecting the latest edition of CryptoLocker. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should outsource your IT now:

You Lower the Cost of Your Security

When you outsource your IT, you pay only for the service that you actually use. This definitely beats paying for a full-time IT staff person, especially considering the substantial fixed costs of taking on new employees. You also gain a full team instead of an individual generalist.

You Raise the Efficiency of Your Workforce

The more that you outsource your security and technical infrastructure needs, the more that your in-house staff will be able to focus on the markets. As the markets continue to increase in volatility, you need every person in the room focusing on the money rather than on how to protect the money if you are to succeed.

You Raise the Effectiveness of Your Security

Even if you do splurge on an in-house staff member to take a few security courses, the speed with which they will be able to respond is nowhere near as fast as an experienced, fully dedicated security and infrastructure team. By the time you can get one person up to speed within your company, the technology in the technical underworld has already moved past that point into a new level of sophistication. An outsourced IT team is looking for the new wave of malware in a proactive manner before it comes out, and the best that you usually will be able to accomplish on your own is a reaction.

You Gain Real-Time Access to Updated Feature Sets

Because professional IT teams are proactive, you will receive updates without having to search for them within the industry. First of all, you probably do not know where to look in order to find effective updates that have been properly vetted. Secondly, you should not be wasting time looking for these updates in the first place. If you have an IT team that is watching your back 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they want to save themselves time as well as you. Prevention is worth a pound of cure in the world of IT. Your team would much rather send you an update that closes backdoors and fixes exploits than have to answer to you after something goes horribly wrong.

You Do Not Have to Give Up Critical Control Points

Because of the tiered nature of modern business networks, you no longer have to give up all of your critical control points to maintain a digital-effective security detail. This was one of the major excuses for managers in previous business generations to forgo outsourcing IT, and it no longer applies. Even if it did, who would you rather have access to your in-points – a vetted IT security company with a reputation to protect or a hacker on the underground market?

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