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When a growing food manufacturer needed to vastly improve its IT infrastructure, communications network, and mission-critical software systems, it turned to Race Computers Services’ Joe Dulanie to find the right ingredients.

New Jersey IT SupportAs success beckoned and Kontos Foods’ business began to grow dramatically in the late 1990s, the food manufacturer’s limited IT network and infrastructure left a bad taste in its owners’ mouths.

For more than 30 years Kontos Foods has been serving up delicious, premium-quality Mediterranean cuisine to families and restaurants across the northeastern U.S. The family-owned food manufacturer employs 220 people at three separate locations across New Jersey, and like all families, Kontos Foods values loyalty and trustworthiness.

That’s one of the reasons why the company speaks glowingly of Joe Dulanie and Race Computers Services. Dulanie catered to Kontos Foods’ IT support needs as its main IT technician for more than 15 years prior to joining the Race Computers team.

So as Kontos Foods started to expand from one building housing 100 employees to its current size, laying a solid foundation to scale out its technology needs was a critical ingredient it needed.

“We hired Joe as an independent IT contractor about 15 years ago to help us deal with the monstrosity that we had within our company: our IT infrastructure,” said Chef Demitrious Haralambatsos at Kontos Foods Inc. “I was the IT director back then, and when I first joined Kontos Foods, I essentially inherited a mess.

“Initially, we had five workstations all operating on 286s and we were working on proprietary software running off of, if I may use the term, a ‘Mickey Mouse’ server.”

The situation: A growing food manufacturer needed a robust, scalable IT network, infrastructure, and tech support for its staff.

Part of Joe’s tasks was to rewire everything, Haralambatsos explained.

“We also only had one workstation that wasn’t connected to the server but it was the only one that had actual Internet access,” he said. “As the company grew, we ended up with more than 40 workstations, several servers, and then Joe guided us through the use of virtual machines.”

The solution: Migrate the company from a single server PC clone and two workstations to a fully virtualized environment with 17 servers and 45 workstations.

Dulanie deployed an EMC VNXE 3100 SAN using iSCSI, and two HP ProLiant servers running VMware’s ESXI 5.5 software. Furthermore, a new customer relationship management suite from SAP Business One replaced Kontos’ limited accounting software.

“After he got Kontos to where it needed to be, our company needed more than just one man to service our team and our new infrastructure. Before he left us, Joe again stepped up and did what others and other companies do not do, and that is he fixed our telephony and security monitoring systems. His wealth of technology knowledge is incredible,” he said. “We were so impressed with his work we happily referred him and Race Computers Services to other businesses that were in need of better IT support.”

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