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For businesses lacking the time or talent to truly resolve their IT troubles,
Race Computer Services IT Solutions are the perfect partner.

With help from Race Computer Services, a New York based meal delivery subscription service business tripled their annual revenue and resolved long-standing IT problems!

A meal kit delivery subscription service business based out of New York City, NY had a 50+ person staff primarily made up of those that worked in their call center, a few project managers and executives. Despite how much of their work relies on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softphone systems to communicate and serve their customers, the company didn’t have an IT budget or IT staff in place, which soon led to severe technology issues. When technology isn’t being taken care of with regular maintenance and strategic planning to support growth, it can result in a mountain of problems.


The Situation: The food company had consistent issues with their soft phone system, in addition to problems with their database. 

More than half of the food company’s staff relied on their telephony system to do their jobs, but due to network configuration issues, they were experiencing dropped calls between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm on a daily basis. The daily downtime was having a huge effect on their ability to get things done.

Given the serious toll this was taking on their business, the food company sought help from Race Computer Services. The first step was to determine what was causing the dropped calls. Race Computer Services examined each aspect of the food company’s network, and took a number of steps to isolate the issue. Their team of expert technicians examined the bandwidth usage, router setup, and Internet Service configuration to identify the source of the issue.

IT resolution isn’t always a simple process, and Race Computer Services was careful to communicate effectively and inform them that this could take time to remedy. However, it wasn’t long before Race Computer Services identified the routing gear that was supplied by the food company’s ISP as the main source of the issue; although they were also running VOIP phones over a wireless network, which didn’t help.

The Solution: Race Computer Services upgraded the food company from one High Speed internet line to four incoming high speed internet lines and installed a pfSense workstation as a load balancing router to properly route their traffic through 4 WAN ports. 

After resolving their dropped call issue, Race Computer Services tackled the food company’s database errors by transplanting their improperly configured Wasp database into a new server with adequate RAM. Race Computer Services had to be careful to ensure 100% functionality in the new setup. This seamless transplant took approximately 16 hours of straight work, but in the end, Race Computer Services made it happen.

After the new server was up and running, the team rolled out a VPN client to allow users to remote in and work from any location.

The Outcome: The food company enjoyed a massive revenue increase and no longer has to worry about their business’ IT, thanks to exceptional support from Race Computer Services. 

Currently, Race Computer Services provides the food company with IT support on demand. Partially in thanks to the tireless work of Race Computer Services technicians, the food company was able to increase their annual revenue to nearly $300 million by the end of 2015, and now employs more than 250 workers in the US!

Race Computer Services fixed the food company’s phone system, and made sure the rest of their IT was working perfectly, all at an affordable rate.

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