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When your business needs a Microsoft Office 365 partner, Race Computer Systems provides the backup and guidance your business can’t afford to live without–and we don’t stop at installation. We are a full-service Microsoft partner in New York City and New Jersey, ready to provide ongoing, customized solutions for your business’ Microsoft needs.

NYC IT Support

Whether you are determining appropriate employee access levels or simply sharing files across the network, your business IT may be more complicated than it needs to be—that is, unless you’ve transitioned to Office 365. When Race Computer Services helps your business migrate to Office 365, we take your specific business challenges into account to create customized, scalable solutions designed for maximum efficiency and increased productivity in the cloud.

Streamlined Server Maintenance—So You Can Have Your Life Back

When your Exchange server runs your business and your life, it’s time to step back and consider an IT servicer that can streamline your business IT through the latest innovations in cloud technology. At Race Computer Services, we know what it’s like to babysit an unruly server—and we take great pride in making sure that once you come on board with us, you’ll never have to babysit your server again. Office 365 can ease the burden of maintaining a local server by saving time, reducing up-front expenses, and increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of your organization’s IT.

Real-Time Business Collaboration Tools

Streamlined IT with Office 365 is really just the beginning: the productivity afforded by the software suite is second-to-none, and comes with everything you need to manage your business’ productivity and connectivity remotely—from any device, anywhere. From real-time collaboration tools to web-conferencing options, Office 365 makes it possible to stay connected, collaborate with coworkers, and maintain your business’ goals from a virtual platform that is accessible by your team when they need it most.

Service-Based Consistency

Service-level agreements take the responsibility off your shoulders and place it squarely on ours—when something goes wrong, you can rest assured that Race Computers will be standing by to fix it. We detect, mitigate, and remediate any issues that arise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through an agreement that means your business will be at agreed-upon operational IT capacity in just minutes—not days. We take great pride in keeping your business running smoothly and consistently so that you can focus less on your IT and more on your continued business’ success.

Office 365 Implementation

Depending on the size of your business, Office 365 integration can be a very straightforward process with a quick ROI. Smaller businesses typically go through a simple software install and configuration process, while larger businesses take part in a multi-step installation that is customized by Race Computers to be both streamlined and efficient.

Our large-scale clients typically undergo a more structured rollout that includes:

  • Analysis of network and IT infrastructure needs and security issues
  • Monitored migration support to ensure a totally streamlined transfer of all systems and data
  • A managed support agreement that helps mitigate costs of the install and rollout

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness of Software and Service

The best part about Office 365 is its unmatched ability to grow with a business. When you migrate your IT to Office 365 with Race Computers, we add and modify functionality with a remote push—rather than repeated, expensive in-person house calls.

Functionality and productivity remain a constant with Office 365 since you can authorize employees to access business information from any device and any location. Office 365 offers your business a comprehensive, remote platform with cloud-based technology that keeps you up-and-running in a flexible, real-time collaborative environment.

Race Computer Services is your local Microsoft Partner in New Jersey and New York City. We specialize in Microsoft technology and are always on the forefront of the latest Office 365 innovations. Contact us at (973) 343_-5479 or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.