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It is said that car buyers never feel as good about their purchase as the moment they drive off the lot.

Good thing Race Computer Services is in IT Support rather than car sales, because we want you to feel as good about our partnership on day two, day three and on and on as you do on the first day. In fact, we are not doing our job if you do not feel even better as time goes on. Though it may sound like a cliché, we really do look at our relationships with our clients as partnerships.

So, what makes an ideal customer for Race? First thing is for you to determine what you want from IT support. We will take a stab in the dark you want to feel like you made a wise business decision. You likely want to feel like you have a relationship built on mutual respect and trust. That is what we want, too. We do not want you to be satisfied with our work. We want you to love it. We want you think, “Darn, wish we had come across those Race guys sooner.”

Common Customer Characteristics

Over the years, we have noticed certain identifiable characteristics among customers of Race Computer Services across New York, New Jersey and in Manhattan. Here are five of the most common traits:

  1. Race clients want IT support from someone who speaks their language, and not from someone who will unload a bunch of techno-babble just to prove how smart they are. Our clients do not want someone talking over their heads. No problem. Plain English works for us.
  2. Our clients may have a tight budget, but they will not compromise on comprehensive, knowledgeable support. They want partners who know what they are doing and can do it right the first time.
  3. They want technical help they can count on, and can even take for granted. They want to leave such worries to professionals, so they can be allowed to focus on other aspects of their business and lives.
  4. They are looking for a long-term relationship with someone who will come to know their needs implicitly. They do not want to have to repeatedly explain their challenges and goals.
  5. Race clients like predictability. They want to know their IT partners will be there when they need them, even should that need occur on, say, Christmas Eve, or during the second quarter of the Super Bowl.

Do any of these traits sound good to you? If so, contact us by phone, email, or any other way that suits you. If you would like to see what some of those ideal customers of Race Computer Services have to say, click on Testimonials at the top.