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Most business owners and technology managers of a small to medium-sized business are well aware of the challenges and benefits of technology.

You know that there are solutions “out there” that will help you move your business faster, improve communications with both customers and suppliers, and can even reduce your overhead by boosting the productivity of your staff. However, determining which of these platforms are worth pursuing and then actively bringing them online can feel like more of a challenge than you can handle with your already over-full days.

Technology That Just Works

When you’re running a business, you need to know that the infrastructure you’ve got in place simply works. You don’t have time to spend trouble-shooting and answering questions – making calls to vendors and spending hours on the phone with tech support when something goes wrong. Instead, you need to be handling the day-to-day aspects of maximizing your business: customer relationships, employee questions and concerns and thinking about the future. By the same token, technology managers of a smaller business can quickly get bogged down by requests from employees to recover a particular file that was deleted in error, set up new user permissions and any of the myriad questions that come in any specific day.

Instead of adding value to your business, you can feel like a slave! One of the best ways to combat this feeling and take back control of your company and your future strategic direction is by finding a valued technology partner who can come alongside your business – learning about your core and how you add unique value to the business cycle – then, and only then, making recommendations for new technology that can help support your future direction.

If you are in the Manhattan or broader New York or New Jersey area and are leading a small business either as the owner, technology manager or human resources manager in charge of IT, Race Computer Services wants to be your partner in assuring that your business is running safely, cost-effectively and with the very best platforms and IT services possible.

Ongoing Threats

There are threats to your business in the world that you may have never even heard of, such as Ransomware. Ransomware is a relatively new threat from hackers and others with ill-intent, and it can completely hijack your network or individual computer until you pay a ransom to remove the interloper.

If you’re not expecting this type of attack, you could be taken advantage of and it could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Race Computers can help you ward off this type of threat before it becomes a reality with our solid antivirus and network security software and monitoring. If something did sneak through the system, our business continuity services will get you back up and running quickly, and with minimal impact to your employees or your customers.

Whether you’re looking for support to enter the mobile technology forefront, or simply need some in-depth research assistance on the “next big thing” in technology for small businesses, Race Computers wants to be the trusted partner for all of your IT resource needs.