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Data RecoveryRegardless of their industry, all businesses share one thing in common — data is becoming more and more important to their operations. Marketing tools, in particular, now rely on leveraging big data in ways that help drive more customers through a company’s doors, and in addition to new modes of using data, companies still have to deal with client information, patient files, proprietary information, and heaps other other data.

Why Businesses Need to Protect Data

Because of their reliance on data in a variety of ways, businesses need to protect it. Data breaches can wreck havoc on a company’s brand image, and they can make a business out of step with industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Data breaches can also be costly and time-consuming, and they can derail a business’s movement forward.

Why Data Is Targeted

Data is targeted for a number of different reasons. Hackers may want clients’ financial details, so can commit large-scale identify fraud. Competitors may want ideas so that they can steal them and modify them, and in other cases, they may want client data so they can market to them.

However, it’s important to note that not all data is stolen because of the usefulness of the data to the thief; instead, the data is held ransom based on its intrinsic value to the business owner. For example, if ransomware takes hold of a computer or a network, it encrypts files on the network so they cannot be accessed, and then, it demands a ransom from the company to remove the encryption.

The Importance of Disaster Recovery Plans

If a data breach occurs, companies typically respond by contacting a professional who offers data recovery in New Jersey, New York or wherever their company is based. These organizations help the business owner recover the data and minimize any potential damage. However, putting out fires is not the most effective way to deal with breaches.

Instead, businesses should have a disaster recovery plan in place that outlines exactly how the business responds if a data breach occurs. These plans seek to eliminate downtime, and they deal with financial risks and liability concerns. They also outline issues such as how and when to communicate with clients about the breach.

Implementing Safeguards to Prevent Breaches

Although having a disaster recovery plan in place is critical, data recovery, NYC residents find, is a reactive measure, and to be effective, it needs to be paired with proactive measures. The data protection one company needs varies significantly from the protection another company may need. Ideally, business owners should work directly with companies providing data recovery in New Jersey or other areas, and they should customize a safety net that aligns with their specific objectives and needs.

Data safeguards may include training employees on the importance of data and basic tips for avoiding breaches. Safeguards may include upgrading systems to make them more secure, implementing two-factor authentication to access some data, or decreasing the number of people who have access to the data. It may also include audit trails to see what is happening and to avoid outages.

Recovering Data

If you’re looking for data recovery NYC experts, Race Computers can help. They offer full data recovery in New Jersey and New York, and once they have helped you regain your peace of mind, they can help you create a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

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