IT Solutions for Real Estate

Like many other industries, Real Estate is also ongoing digital transformation. During the past years technology and automation had a huge impact on how Real Estate companies are doing their business. IT has greatly improved the way real estate companies do their transactions, client services, handling security issues.

As technology advances Real Estate businesses also try to keep up and benefit from it. A lot of companies are now embracing a now growing trend which is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  BYOD is a program which allows employees to use their own mobile devices, computers, tablets for work.

A lot of companies believe that BYOD has a lot of advantage. It makes the employees feel comfortable by allowing them the flexibility to work anywhere. This helps increase their productivity and efficiency. BYOD also helps the company reduce costs spent in investing on gadgets, overhead cost and office space demand.

Real Estate Industry usually operates in a specific fashion where they work with a reasonably large group of real estate agents. Agents will usually operate as independent contractors rather than employees. While BYOD will help them stay connected efficiently it also poses significant privacy and security concerns. Sensitive data can be exposed to malwares or cyber attacks. There are also potential legal issues involving the clients and partners. There is also the case of stolen devices.

BYOD has its advantage and disadvantages, however, risks can be minimized by securing your program and by establishing an effective policy.

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