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Who Has Access To Your Sensitive Data?

What precautions do you have in place to protect your sensitive client and employee data? Are you thorough in ensuring that your crucial files and documents are protected with restricted access?

Perhaps most important is a question that’s too rarely asked – how many of your employees have access to critical data?

{company} always stresses the importance of data security, which is a given. What some business owners don’t consider, however, are the threats within their own walls. In addition to cyber criminals, hackers, and online threats, do you have to worry about your own employees? Unfortunately, that is sometimes the case.

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Recently we took on a new client who gave computer administrative access to a manipulative employee. The employee acted as though he was trying to help; but rather, he quickly gained control and of business-specific and personal information of various employees. He copied those documents and now has the personal information of several employees who also worked at that company.

What Can You Do?

Data protection is critical for a number of reasons, and there are ways to ensure that sensitive data is kept from falling into the wrong hands.

With employees, consider who really needs access to what. If sensitive information is only imperative for select members of the staff, then ensure that only those employees have access.

When you’re hiring new employees, of course you’d love to trust that they have your business’ best interest in mind, but with so much on the line, there’s nothing wrong with exercising caution. Grant them information to only the documents and files that pertain to their work for your company. Once a level of trust is built, you can begin expanding how much they’re privy too.

Even when you’re sharing multiple files and documents, most modern applications allow you a high level of customization when it comes to who can see what. With administrative access, you’re able to ensure that certain files are only viewable to the employees you select.

Don’t risk your livelihood or your employees’ sensitive information: reach out to {company} to learn more about data protection and how we can ensure you’re utilizing the right tools and protocols to keep data secure. Contact our team of IT experts at {email} or {phone}.