Thinking about Eliminating expensive IT costs and overhead with cloud services?

Not so fast! Cloud services won’t always provide a cost-savings over on-premise IT Solutions. We can help you evaluate the price differences though based on your business. Value doesn’t always equal an upfront “savings.”

Race Computer Services (RCS) Is your Strategic Partner in Consulting for Cloud Services. While cloud services and external resources might help you eliminate unpredictable random server failure and emergency IT support fees from a computer guy, the value is different. We are seeing improved Data Continuity, predictable cost for IT services and a quiet office without a loud server fan in the background. And… Employee mobility comes a bit easier.

What even is “cloud”? You might ask…

Well, in short- the cloud, or cloud is just a buzz term that describes a service, software, or computer/ server being hosted at a location external to your business office. So technically speaking- checking your email is a “cloud” service, although you might not think of email as a cloud service. What the word usually means, in the modern use- would be an externally hosted line of business application or an externally hosted server, or virtual desktop. ”

So, how can that benefit my business? You might ask. Well the answer is not always simple. It boils down to your specific business and how your business may leverage the use of external computers, applications or servers to its advantage. In most cases we see an increase in cost control, data continuity and more often than not- cost. So the cloud might actually cost you more money- but it can provide savings for certain businesses.

Expert Cloud Services and Cloud Consulting

The cloud is here. Cloud Services are the future of small and medium business technology solutions, greatly reducing the cost of setup and management of IT services.

Some businesses are better off leaving business applications on- premises, and others are better off using Cloud-hosted applications and services, and others opt for a hybrid solution (on-premises+ cloud). Allow the experts to help you make the best technology upgrade decisions for the future of your IT.

Race Computers Cloud Services can grant your business new capabilities to improve your day-to-day without the extraordinary start-up costs associated with new technology.

Cloud Services can provide your business with:

  • Email Filtering/Spam Protection
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosted Security and Backup
  • Hosted Applications
  • And much more

RCS offers NJ IT Services for businesses, schools and healthcare offices in Northern New Jersey. Our clients love us in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic county, Sussex County, Union County and Warren County. Additionally, we provide support services for businesses in Central New Jersey, The Jersey shore and South Jersey. So if your business is in Middlesex county, Ocean County or Atlantic County- we have your IT covered.

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