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Cyber Security Consultation Services

Take your business to the first step in cyber defense with Cyber Security Consulting Services from Race Computer Services.  

Race Computer Services (RCS) is your Partner for Cybersecurity Consulting across New Jersey (NJ) and New York City (NYC)

Which Services are considered cybersecurity consulting services? 

Businesses need cybersecurity consulting services for:

  • compliance requirements
  • piece of mind
  • You might want to use consulting services from a few different vendors in order to pick which one you feel like you are recieving the best results from.  Additionally, one cybersecurity consulting firm can review another firms’ work.  For example, we wouldn’t do a risk assessment on some of the clients that we did a risk mitigation service on.  So you may want to test the waters with different companies.

Our cyber security services are divided into three main groups:

  1. Assess
  2. Address
  3. Maintain

Out of these groupings, the consulting portion of Cybersecurity resides in the “assess” group.   And part of the maintain group can be considered as a consulting consulting service.

Services in the “Assess” group, are services related to the discovery of cybersecurity risks or vulnerabilities.   Some of these services could be a security risk assessment (SRA) or a vulnerability assessment.  Sometimes a basic walkthrough of a network may be a basic security discovery measure.  We can outline and expose the security vulnerabilities.  Additionally we can outline a method to remedy the security concerns with your network.

Some of the different Components of Cyber Security Services we offer if you go beyond the consulting portion:

  1. Discovery Related Services (ASSESS)
    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Vulnerability Scans
    3. IT Audit
    4. Network scanning
    5. Penetration Testing
  2. Network Planning Services  (ADDRESS)
    1. Risk Remediation, and Risk mitigation services
    2. VCIO Level Services
    3. Network implementation and Design (with Cyber Security components embedded).
  3. Managed Security Services (MSSP)  (Maintain)
    1. Either a Fully Managed or Co-Managed IT support service.  We can either manage your entire network, or work in conjunction with your current IT department and manage the Security related portions of your IT Department.
    2. Managed Firewall
    3. Managed Antivirus
    4. Managed Email with Enterprise grade email protection services


Its Really Easy to get started:

  • Our cyber security consulting services don’t require a long term commitment!

  • We can do as much or as little of the work as you like

  • Larger corporations rely on our expertise.

  • We provide strong value by offering the highest level security experts


Does your small to medium business want a cybersecurity expert to help you determine if your information is safe?  Or do you just want to expose known vulnerabilities? 

Allow us to show you how to SECURE your IT the Right way.  We can evaluate your Security Components and even test the vulnerabilities of your network in different areas by testing your network environment using different known cyber attack loop-holes and recording the results.  We can work in alignment with your budget to make sure that you have a solid cost control for all of your technology related expenditures, or even just the cyber-security related components.

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RCS provides a Variety Business IT Services for small businesses, enterprise clients, schools and healthcare offices in Northern New Jersey.   Our clients love us in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic county, Sussex County, Union County and Warren County.  Additionally, we provide support services for businesses in Central New Jersey, The Jersey shore and South Jersey.  So, if your business is in Middlesex county, Ocean County or Atlantic County- we have your IT covered.


IT Consulting as Your Strategic Technical Adviser


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