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Microsoft Office 365

Small to medium-sized business owners and technology leaders are very familiar with the challenges that collaboration can cause both within their teams and with customers.

From file-sharing to appropriate access levels, there are roadblocks around every corner unless you have a managed cloud-based system like Office 365 that takes all of these challenges into account. Updates for a physical Exchange server alone can be nightmarish, as every update tends to break something else, and patches come through on a very regular basis.

Slave to Your Server

If you’ve ever felt like you’re unable to take a vacation due to the potential server problems that could occur while you’re out, then Office 365 could provide you with some relief. The time savings are only the tip of the iceberg, however, as the productivity suite of Office 365 also comes with full web-conferencing solutions as well as instant collaboration tools such as IM and shared workspaces.

Consistent Service Levels

Part of the beauty of the cloud is that if something goes wrong, you are not the only one on the hook to fix it. Service Level Agreements with Race Computers can help you manage the need to be available 24/7/365 with an agreement that assures you are back up and running at agreed-upon levels within a set and very short period of time.

Implementation Process

Smaller businesses have a very simplified rollout process for Office 365 – which includes simply installing the software on your systems and ensuring that configuration is complete and correct. For larger organizations, there is a structured rollout that occurs, but it is still relatively straightforward and can be quickly accomplished.

A more structured rollout for a larger organization could include:

  • Determining network infrastructure needs, user classes, and security policies per user and class
  • Support during the migration period to ensure that process continues smoothly
  • Ongoing managed support agreement to help offset the overall cost of the system design and rollout

Flexibility to Grow

One of the key benefits of having a cloud-based product like Office 365 is that it can grow with your organization. Far from having to add servers when you’re feeling the pressure and latency, with Office 365 and other cloud-based software alternatives from Race Computers you can quickly scale based on your needs.

Adding functionality can be done through configuration and a remote push instead of a local visit to a machine to physically install software or other services. There is also a great deal of flexibility for mobile and remote workers. Work today is not necessarily done from 9-5 in the office; instead, workers are increasingly finding themselves either at a client’s location or working from the coffee shop or baseball park while they’re watching their child’s first game. Office 365 provides this type of all-around flexibility that modern workers request.

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