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Custom Line Of Business Applications

Custom Line of Business Application for your Business-Specific Requirements.  Each business is different.  Race Computer Services (RCS) Is your Strategic Partner in Application Consulting for many businesses.

Whether you are in a Logistics office and your database application has crashed with an application error, or you are a healthcare or medical office and your EMR or Database System isn’t working correctly, RCS can help.

There are several cases where we can help business with application related issues:


Custom Tailored Line of Business Applications:

Perhaps your business application has reached end of life and the original software company is either out of business or unreachable, and a new application is very costly.  In this case- we might be able to help you by extending the life of the current application you are using.  Additionally, we might be able to replace the line of business application with something a little more up to date, as well as tailored to your business more specifically.  We have done this for many of our clients.

Business Application Consulting:

Possibly, you just don’t know which software is the right choice for your business.  We can overlook your business requirements, and based on our industry expertise- we can advise you and on the right direction to go.


Outdated Application Support:

We can support certain applications- even if they aren’t being supported by the original software company.  This is more of an emergency service- and we only do this to help you, so it shouldn’t be used as something to rely on us for.  We can advise you and help you make the next best choice.

  Application Development:

We can also help you with application development.  This is more of an ongoing process.

RCS offers NJ programming and Application support Services and Database system services for businesses, schools and healthcare offices in Northern New Jersey.   Our clients love us in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic county, Sussex County, Union County and Warren County.  Additionally, we provide support services for businesses in Central New Jersey, The Jersey shore and South Jersey.  So if your business is in Middlesex county, Ocean County or Atlantic County- we have your IT covered.

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