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Wi-Fi Solutions

Does your Small to Medium sized Business need a high quality Wi-Fi Solution?  Race Computer Services (RCS) is your partner in WiFi Solutions.

We can provide Fully Managed WiFi Solutions, or we can roll-out your WiFi solution on a project basis.  We can work with you on a consultation, project basis- or on the roll-out and | or management of the complete solution, with ongoing support.  Usually, managed WiFi Solutions are for businesses who heavily rely on WiFi, such as Distribution companies.  For these Companies- we setup a barcode scanner and configure full connectivity throughout your entire warehouse.

Which is better for you?

Benefits of Managed Wifi | Wireless Network:

  • Ongoing security policies and updates
  • No added fee for onsite services
  • one flat monthly price
  • Equipment is owned by vendor (RCS)
  • Expert Design and configuration

Benefits of Client Managed Wifi | Wireless Network:

  • No monthly fee
  • Onsite IT may be able to take it over
  • Control is Client responsiblity

All of our WiFi Solutions are configured with Security in mind, and large scale solutions have the ability to be managed.  Our managed WiFi Solutions will allow you to receive service if wifi is down in a certain area- which will provided an additional level of piece of mind to a redundant Wi-Fi Solution.

Many warehouses and distribution centers across New York and New Jersey rely on RCS for their Wireless networking configurations.

If you have any questions about the Wireless network setup for your small business- please give us a call at (973)343-5479, or email us at