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Does your business in Elm Park, NY interested in exploring Managed IT, where all of your IT is outsourced to a reliable business partner? RCS is your collaborive and strategic technology service partner in Managed IT services

Does your Business Need a Reliable Tech Support Company in Elm Park
Is your business in Elm Park interested in exploring Managed IT, where all of your IT is outsourced to a reliable business partner Look no further than RACE

Gain the benefits of having a team of IT Experts without the pain of hiring new staff Race Computer Services RCS is Your Strategic Technology Partner Let us focus on your IT, so you can focus on your business

What is Managed Services, and how does it Work
Simply Put, Managed Services is Outsourcing your IT department in whole or in part to an outside company Another company will handle all or some of your IT business processes, in combination with decision-making for those related IT processes If you have ever been put in the position of micro-managing another worker- the burden of managing an outside technical support company would become a similar burden You or someone from your company has to call the IT guy EVERY time something goes wrong And then- you need to plan on how you want to handle the issue We’ve seen non-IT staff try to manage the technical support role for an IT department using break-fix support It can be done, but it isn’t the right way to run an IT Department, its not efficient

As a Managed Service Provider, we take a higher level of control than standard break-fix tech support, and we proactively manage the different components and processes of your IT department These tasks might vary from one business to another business

In smaller businesses, the time-cost burden of the management aspect of your technology businesses processes may not become burdensome enough to justify outsourcing the management role itself This is why we still see a lot of break-fix services in the marketplace- where small businesses send break-fix tech contractors or companies to tend to have issue as they occur Some of these components are like outsourcing a C Level Job type for your Company, Such as

A CTO Chief Technology officer
A CISO Chief information security officer
We can itemize the “Managed Services” which our company has the resources to provide into different categories

– Managed Email
– Managed Antivirus
– Operating System Patch Management
– Managed IT Security Services
– Managed Firewall, with policy control and content filtration
– Managed IT audit
– Managed Control Policies
– Quarterly Reviews
– Managed Remote Support
– Managed Server Services, cloud or local
– Managed Website Services
– Mobility Management
– Managed Wifi
– Managed Help Desk

Depending on your Specific Plan, you will gain

– Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/ Laptop and Server
– Antivirus Software for all PC units Antivirus for all Mac units as well
– A managed Security Firewall with and reporting/ reviews and VPN if required
– A cloud-based data backup system compliant with HIPAA/PCI requirements For easy recovery
– Remote Support software on each PC
– Rapid Response Helpdesk and Ticket management that provides the detailed overview of the entire support process from open to close
– SLA’s based on your specific requirement
– A service level agreement which covers your business requirements
– Proactive Now, there is a word that gets overused However, sometimes even an overused word is a perfect fit Clients of any seasoned MSP who engage in a managed IT services agreement prefer to stay ahead of the game They like to have a team of IT experts who are on top of issues even before any issues arise Prevention is more valuable than cure

Additionally, a large value proposition for MSP contracts which our end clients see- is simply the fact that they have a reliable team to call, should something go wrong

No small business owner wants to be put into the possible position of initiating a new business relationship with a third-party tech company based on a business technology failure We are here for you to rely on at any stage

Any of our Strategic Managed Services Plans will operate as an insurance policy, so you have someone to rely on- in the even that something occurs

The Most common question Does Managed Services Save your company money

Define Cheap or cost savings It might be a better option to buy a cheap car versus a new car, if you are a mechanic Perhaps a low-mileage certified pre-owned car is the best value In some cases, a Managed Services Agreement can save you money- but it depends on how you evaluate the cost in relation to your value of the service I would compare Managed Services to that certified pre-owned car Its costly, but its also reliable

Hourly Support Contracts can become expensive, especially if your business is in a case where you are throwing good money after bad Sometimes this can happen when you allow a mid-level manager or an executive without IT experience to take control and try to manage an IT environment

Is your Business’ IT “throwing good money after bad”

Some poor IT Spending habits, are on account of the lack of IT expertise An Example of this would be a company who spent a large amount ofrevenue on IT Service time to remedy user-issues such as viruses or slow pc’s This issue was due to inadequate policy control settings across your domain This issue could have been prevented, had the right team of tech support agents been working in alignment with the people in charge of the business This is the reason why large enterprises have a “C” Level for IT related concerns-Information, “C” Level for Technology and Security as well CTO, CISO AND CTO This issue could have been prevented in the first place, and at the same time- your data would be more secure Additionally, you would meet mandatory compliance regulations

This type of issue could have been prevented

With the right people in charge of making technology decisions, a managed firewall, domain control policies and additional IT Security features would have prevented this issue Our firewall would lock users out of facebook or youtube per request, and our antivirus program would have mitigated other security risks Additionally, our ongoing reporting and reviews would make sure that these threats are continually mitigatedThe question is overall like asking why your business needs a manger If your business is too small- it may not have reached the point where the requirement of having a manager in place is a valuable decision

Possible advantages for the Managed Services

You don’t need to rely on a mid-level or lower level manager to tell the IT company what to do when he doesn’t have as much IT experience This can create issues in certain cases, if the tech support firm is requested to do something that is outside of industry best practice
You have a Team of Experts to Rely on
You have a Solidified IT Strategy in Place
You have increased Data Continuity, piece of mind
Managed Service companies don’t take vacations
A better ability to match Technical Requirements to Technical recourses We can provide industry expertise in niche-market areas which a deskside support agent would not have Such as IT Security and/or compliance
Your IT company and your company have a common goal and common interest In a standard break/fix support arrangement- a tech support company is relying on your business breaking down in order to make any revenue from you In a managed services agreement, the common interest is uptime That’s because your downtime costs the service provider money, rather than profiting from your downtime
The Answer DOES Managed Service Save you Money Part 1

Dollar for Dollar, Managed Services is not cheaper than hiring a break-fix support company Reason being it is more expensive to hire a manager in any field However a break-fix relationship can turn into a more-costly in terms of value proposition and value delivery

However you might see some value added on top with an expert making decisions on your behalf If your company is large enough to the point where you need to have someone manage the IT company, the managed services might start to look like a more valuable option

When your run your business more efficiently, good things happen Break-fix usually looks like the cheaper option, but in many cases- going with break-fix support is being penny-wise and pound foolish

The Answer DOES Managed Service Save you Money Part 2, and FINALLY, THE ANSWER

So, in short- NO Our verdict is that Managed Services is not here to save you money We are not selling managed services on the basis that it SHOULD save you money Managed Services is here to deliver VALUE to your business Managed Services is about running your Information Technology Department properly Managed Services is relying on a Strategic Business Partner to do it for you

A Program Tailored To Your BUSINESS

Our team will tailor an agreement to fit your needs That is the kind of satisfaction many businesses in new York City and across New Jersey have enjoyed since 2009

Does your Organization need to outsource all or part of its Technology Processes Or do you want an expert to Help you determine if Managed Services will save you money Allow us to run your IT the Right way We can take a look at your expenses to see if your business is throwing good money after bad Or we can make sure that you are running technology the right way in the first place We can work in alignment with your accounting department to make sure that you have a solid cost control for all of your technology expenditures

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