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Strategic Partners

When you select Race Computer Services for your IT support or a special project, we will match the right experts on our end with specific challenges on your end. Our most important asset is the human one. However, our support and consulting services go beyond that. We also match you with the right set of hardware and software.

For us, choosing the right set of tools is like selecting from a menu of excellent wines. They are all good, but they are not all perfect for every situation. We choose the right ones for you. Think Apple/Mac support versus Linux. Or what type of antivirus protection would best complement your business processes. Or whether you are in healthcare, legal, supply chain, or another type of business.

Race Computer Services has extensive relationships with a number of top IT product providers. These partnerships have developed over many years. They are tried and proven. The whole point of them being strategic partners is they make what we do better, which means we can make what you do better. As a result, you will have peace of mind that our experts are employing the right blend of support and products.

Below is a list of companies and products we have chosen for strategic partnerships:

  • pfSense – A broad range of network security products for enterprise, large business, and small office
  • VyOS – Linux-based network operating system
  • Zeroshell – Linux distribution for servers and embedded devices
  • HighJump – Supply chain network solutions
  • Microsoft – An array of productivity tools including email exchange
  • CentOS (RHEL compatible) – Linux enterprise-class computing platform
  • Debian – Universal operating system include bundled software
  • Ubuntu – Open source, cloud-based software platform
  • Mac OS X – Apple’s current operating system for Macs
  • Android/IOS – Mobile operating systems developed by Google and Apple

If you would like to discuss in further detail your requirements and which Race partners we believe are best suited to meet them, please call us at (973) 343-54789 or at for a free consultation. We work with businesses of all sizes across New Jersey, New York, and often in Manhattan. We would love to learn more about you and explore what Race can do for you.

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