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A big difference exists between having experience in a particular field and being an expert in it. If you have a full-time IT person on staff, they may be really well-versed in some areas of IT and not so much in others. Race Computer Services offers real-world expertise in a broad range of IT specialties that businesses like yours need to stay competitive. We have a team of experts who specialize in a variety of technology challenges, and we will match the right ones to you.

Areas of Expertise
Here is a short, and by no means complete, list of areas in which the Race Computers team offers IT expertise:

  • Mac/Unix/Linux operating systems
  • Virtualization including VMware and Microsoft HyperV
  • Databases
  • Email systems, such as Office 365, hosted exchange and exchange services
  • Microsoft Office
  • Compliance-related issues
  • Security
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobility and wireless solutions

A few items on the above list may be familiar to you and will make complete sense, while others may look like they were written in a foreign language. The point is, we have been providing professional, outsourced support for many years in Manhattan, as well as all over the states of New York and New Jersey. If you have worries about cybersecurity, for example, we have experts for that. If you want us to set up a hosted email exchange, we have professionals who can handle that task smoothly as well.

That is a big difference between choosing Race Computer Services for IT support and having an IT person full-time on staff who may only know a little about a lot. No matter the type of IT support you need, we can match an expert to it.

Perhaps you have an idea of some of your IT needs, yet other areas of need may not be clear to you. If you are worried you don’t know, what you don’t know, we can help. We will review how technology complements your business objectives and how it could do better. And then we will explain it all to you in layman’s terms so you know precisely what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the result will be for you.

If you are ready to see how our experts match your needs, please call us at
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