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Working with an IT company that doesn’t support VMware? You’re doing your business a huge disservice!

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VMware provides your business with the best cloud and virtualization software available. Our job is to give you the best services and support to help your business grow and stay protected – and the benefits you’ll see when working with VMware are endless. All of your top technology priorities are rolled into one – VMware will streamline your work, make completing tasks easier and more effective, and keep your data safe so you’ll stop worrying and focus on the job at hand.

Stay Protected While Working

  • You can stop worrying about your business being crippled by a breach or hardware issues – disaster recovery and business continuity solutions help to ensure that an attack against your system won’t destroy your livelihood.
  • VMware offers a wide range of tools designed to help ensure your protection against hackers and dangerous online threats. Your data is stored in the cloud and encrypted so that it’s protected and always available when you need access to it.
  • When you use Workspace Portal your tasks will be easier to manage than ever before. It gives you a simple way to access all of your important business applications and files from any device while remaining secure. You’ll get work done on-the-go and with peace of mind.

Virtualize Your Network

  • Socialcast is the way of the future – It’s a private social network for businesses that allows you to search for and obtain information faster, work with more extensive knowledge and increase productivity all around. VMware’s solutions are designed to take your business to the next level!
  • Cost-effective and efficient tools really do exist; your IT company just isn’t giving you access to them. VMware virtualization for your desktop and applications provide technology with a twist – they work to distribute, protect, and manage Windows desktops and applications.
  • You can work on any device and from any location meaning your productivity will increase while your business saves on IT costs.

If you’re not getting the VMware support that your business in {city} needs, turn to Race Computer Services and we’ll get you informed and setup. Contact us at [email protected] or by phone at (973) 343_-5479 to learn more about how VMware will help your business thrive.