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Race Computer Services provides customized onsite IT support and technical support services to businesses large and small across New Jersey and New York State. Our team of highly trained and skilled IT professionals will help you with all your business IT and computer network support needs for your business. WE GUARANTEE ALL OF OUR SERVICES.

Our standard methodology places assessment before acceptance. We want to make sure that we can help you before we accept any job and charge for any services rendered.

Our IT experts have experience in servicing Healthcare/ Medical centers, Distribution and logistics type of businesses, Real Estate offices, Law Firms, call centers and many other businesses in NJ or NY.

We have been in this industry for so many years that it’s nearly impossible to provide you with the full list of IT and tech support services that we offer. But you can rest assured that we can solve any IT issue you have as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Prospect Bark

Excellent service! They really know their stuff, and set up our new office efficiently - and affordable, too!

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Excellent Customer Service and His cost was quite reasonable.

Managed IT Services and

Complete Technology Outsourcing


Race Computer Services (RCS) is your collaborative and strategic partner in IT.

By partnering with us, you will have a more efficient way to run your IT.   This is because we’ll make sure that its done the right way- and we’ll make sure the solution is cost effective.  We can manage your IT Projects, Line of Business software,  device monitoring and operating system patching, while you focus on running your business.

We also implement cyber security into your managed services with a managed firewall and antivirus services as well as content filtration and email protection services.

Sometimes we notice that business owners or CEO’s are reactive when it comes to IT.  This can cause IT related issues, especially in growing businesses.  These issues usually end up requiring immediate IT support, which forces the business to make a decision quickly (and sometimes in panic).  Let us show you a better way.  If you allow us to run your IT the right way for you, we can prevent those issues before they come up- which will ultimately allow your business to use your technology as a leveraged asset.

(RCS) will provide you with enough resources so that your business can run without you worrying about your IT issues, software and hardware maintenance.  Additionally, we will be integrating multiple layers of IT Security in your solution, which will protect your private and valuable business information.

When going with our full service program- we stop problems long before they arise. Our approach is to develop an IT strategy that fits your company’s specific IT needs and that can provide your company with the utmost value. With this strategy in place, we do not just solve problems; we make sure you don’t meet them.

We proudly guarantee all our services. It’s time to give us a call!

IT Consulting as Your Strategic Technical Adviser

In the early stages of starting a company, it’s pretty easy to stay on top of IT concerns, as you might not have many.  Sometimes this can create the optical illusion that there really isn’t much of a need for an IT expert.  But, as your company grows- you will see that it starts to become more technology dependent throughout the growth process.  You will start to see that you need reliable expert advice on various aspects of technology.  Sometimes a fast growing businesses can start to outgrow its technology roots in different areas; which can create unnecessary cost in addition to emergency technical support needs.   This is part of the reason why its important to develop an IT Plan that aligns with your business goals.  This way- users can use the very best and Reliable Technology Solutions.

There are many things to manage when it comes to technology- business applications, help desk, network security, desk-side computer support, cloud, mobility.  And sometimes, if these are not setup properly from the start, or not planned out beforehand- it can become more burdensome to set them up properly later on.  Don’t wait for an urgent time (such as failure) to make a technical decision which aligns with the growth of your business.  When things start to go wrong, and IT is an urgent requirement- it may take longer to get your business back on the right track.  Please allow us to advise you on how your IT can be run the right way.

We are happy to let you know that Race Computer Services (RCS) can serve as an adviser to help you structure your own IT department, and additionally act as an external recourse in areas of concern.

Our goal is simple – we strive to develop long term relationships with our clients so they can develop a sense of reliability with our services; whether we run their IT department for them- or if we help them establish an in-house IT department.  Let us create a technology roadmap for you and show you how you can leverage technology as an asset to help take your business to the next level and maximize business outcomes. Ready to hire a team to bring value to your business by showing you how to setup your IT the Right WAY?  Give us a call today!

IT Security and Cyber Security Consulting Services

Have you ever asked yourself  if your business’s technology is secure?  What are the risks of being hacked or leaking important data? Things like these sound like a real nightmare for most companies.  If you asked yourself- is my data safe- what would your answer be?  A vulnerability assessment or security risk assessment(SRA) would be a good start to give you a piece of mind in these areas.

At RCS, we know what security measures your company needs.  All of our security services are according to strict industry guidelines. We can manage malware protection, set up anti-spam software, configure firewalls with policies, and protect your business’s information and privacy according to industry- based compliance standards.

We take cybersecurity seriously. What about you?

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Reviews from Some of Our Clients

Excellent service! They really know their stuff, and set up our new office efficiently - and affordable, too! Highly recommended. Our office managers and interns say THANK YOU! (PS. if you're anywhere in the NYC area, they will come to you! Was delighted to learn that, as we're in Manhattan and Brooklyn).
Prospect Bark
Excellent work.
Attorney General's Office Of New York