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Every business is unique, but there are similarities that allow a managed services provider to leverage their common knowledge to support your business strategy.

However, sometimes it is good to know that the partner you are working with has a specific background in your business vertical which can offer a jump-start to conversations around challenges and how to best support your team.

Race Computer Services has a great deal of experience across the spectrum of businesses in Manhattan as well as the broader New York City and New Jersey areas but here are a few verticals that we’ve delved into more deeply:

  • Logistics: Moving items around in the world requires intensive real-time information, pinpoint accuracy as well as near-perfect transparency to your customers. Automation and smart decision making allow your business to move at the speed that it needs to, while keeping data security and uptime at consistently high levels. Race Computers understands the various failure points in this type of business and how to guard against processes that could confuse or irritate customers.
  • Meal Subscription Services: Who would have thought ten years ago that you could order your meal from the Internet and have it delivered on a subscription basis? Meal subscription services are almost as good as having your own home cook, yet they can be incredibly complex to administer. From data security with customer preferences and sensitive information to the required speed of processing requests, this is a business that requires near-instant communication in order to be successful. Race Computers can provide the infrastructure and platform to make your meal subscription service best-in-class.
  • Real Estate: The ability to handle massive video and graphics files is critical for real estate businesses whose customers feed on data about their prospective homes. Detailed and specific customer relationship management is what helps a real estate business excel – knowing when customers may be considering a move almost before they know it themselves. Race Computers can help your real estate business find and service the niche market that will help you break away from the pack and truly offer unique value within your business model.
  • Law Offices: When you’re dealing with your customer’s most intimate details, having a high level of security is of utmost concern to your business. Imagine the disaster and damage to your cases and clients should a competing firm find leaked mission-critical information. Race Computers understands this need, as well as the need to quickly and easily access information no matter your physical location. Our cloud-based services will help you work where you need to, and will always keep your network and data secure and easily accessible.

Finding the ideal partner for your technology needs can be challenging. Race Computer Services works hard to ensure that your needs are not only met but anticipated. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best leverage our expertise in these and other areas to optimize your organization’s operations.¬†Contact Race Computers today at (973) 343-5479 or email us at¬†[email protected]