Does your Business Need a Reliable Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Provider?

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting is outsourcing your IT department office application (in whole or in part) to an outside company. Another company will handle all or some of your Microsoft office processes, in combination with decision-making for those related IT processes. If you have ever been put in the position of micro-managing another worker- the burden of managing an outside technical support company would become a similar burden.

You (or someone from your company) have to call the IT guy EVERY time something goes wrong. And then- you need to plan on how you want to handle the issue. We’ve seen non-IT staff try to manage the technical support role for an IT department using break-fix support. It can be done, but it isn’t the right way to run an IT Department, it is not efficient.

As a Managed Service Provider, we take a higher level of control than standard break-fix tech support, and we proactively manage the different components and processes of your IT department. These tasks might vary from one business to another business.  

In smaller businesses, the time-cost burden of the management aspect of your technology business processes may not become burdensome enough to justify outsourcing the management role itself. This is why we still see a lot of break-fix services in the marketplace- where small businesses send break-fix tech contractors or companies to tend to have issues as they occur.

We can itemize the “Managed Services” which our company has the resources to provide into different categories:

  • Managed Email
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Operating System Patch Management
  • Managed IT Security Services
    • Managed Firewall, with policy control and content filtration
    • Managed IT audit
    • Managed Control Policies
    • Quarterly Reviews
  • Managed Remote Support
  • Managed Server Services, cloud or local
  • Managed Website Services
  • Mobility Management
  • Managed Wifi
  • Managed Help Desk

Depending on your Specific Plan, you will gain:

  • Proactive Monitoring agents for each Desktop/ Laptop and Server.
  • Antivirus Software for all PC units. Antivirus for all Mac units as well
  • A Managed Security Firewall with and reporting/ reviews and VPN if required
  • A cloud-based data backup system (compliant with HIPAA/PCI requirements) For easy recovery
  • Remote Support software on each PC
  • Rapid Response Helpdesk and Ticket management provide a detailed overview of the entire support process from open to close.
  • SLA’s based on your specific requirement.
  • A service level agreement which covers your business requirements

Proactive: Now, there is a word that gets overused. However, sometimes even an overused word is a perfect fit. Clients of any seasoned MSP who engage in a managed IT services agreement prefer to stay ahead of the game. They like to have a team of IT experts who are on top of issues even before any issues arise. Prevention is more valuable than cure.

Additionally, a large value proposition for MSP contracts which our end clients see- is simply the fact that they have a reliable team to call, should something go wrong.

No small business owner wants to be put into the possible position of initiating a new business relationship with a third-party tech company based on a business technology failure. We are here for you to rely on at any stage.

Any of our Microsoft Office 365 Consulting plans will operate as an insurance policy, so you have someone to rely on- in the event that something occurs.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting is a service offered by several companies. With their innovative approach, consultants can help you implement a custom cloud deployment strategy with Microsoft Office 365 – an integrated platform of various SaaS elements. Every efficient cloud deployment is converted into cost-effective cost-saving efficiency and better value-added productivity.

A company like RCS offering consulting services for Microsoft Office will be able to suggest a wide range of solutions to help you maximize the benefits of your cloud deployment. We also help you define your needs and requirements and provide you with customized cloud solutions that are tailor-made to meet your business goals and objectives. It is possible to use cloud solutions from such companies as we are well equipped with the required expertise and resources.

When it comes to using the cloud for your business, there are many advantages. It has become essential in a number of fields including the field of IT and other areas related to technology. With the cloud, you have more control over your business. You can leverage your computing power to gain a competitive advantage.

Cloud-based application delivery is not a new concept. It is something that is applied successfully in the IT industry. If your business needs cloud-based software, then you have to contact us to discuss the matter.

Cloud-based solutions are designed for multiple deployment models. You can make use of on-premise hosting, as well as SaaS. It is very important that you choose cloud-based solutions that are easy to implement. The process is easy, as all you have to do is deploy the software and the client and server are managed and maintained by the service provider.

Software is a key part of any business and any organization. In case if your business is growing at a rapid pace, then you may need to hire the help of a Microsoft office 365 consulting firm for the proper implementation of the software. It is very important to choose the ideal software for your business. You will have to ensure that the software is cost-effective and that it meets your exact requirements. The entire process will be completed in a timely manner and will ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Microsoft Office is an amazing software for business people and it helps in increasing your productivity and profitability. This is because, with the help of this software, you can take care of all your business-related tasks. while remaining relaxed.

Microsoft Office is a proven solution and it has become very essential for businesses all across the world. It also gives you an edge in case you are looking to increase your business scope or increase your sales and profits. You can also get a better insight into the latest trends and news in your industry by means of this software.

There are many other advantages of using Microsoft software, which is why consulting firms are so successful. If you have an organization and want to enhance its productivity and profit, then you should opt for Microsoft Consulting Services.

There are different versions of Microsoft. It depends upon your needs, that you must choose the right software for your business. When you choose the right software, you can expect good support from Microsoft and the best service. It is because the support team is of high caliber.

How RCS Can Help?

If you are a small business with a limited budget and no proper infrastructure, then RCS can help you get started with all the latest technologies. without breaking your budget. These days, there are several small IT consulting firms that provide these services at a discounted rate.

You can find us who offer these services on the Internet by calling us at 973-343-5479 or by filling the form.