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For businesses lacking the time or talent to truly resolve their IT troubles,
Race Computer Services IT Solutions are the perfect partner.

Cyber Security

Don’t take it for granted that your business won’t be targeted by cybercriminals.

Protect your data and your reputation with the Cyber Security solutions of Race Computers.

When your customers are counting on you to provide them with a safe and secure business transaction, you need to know without a doubt that your network is absolutely sacrosanct.

Hackers can access your network and steal information that could be damaging not only to your own business but also to the businesses of your customers and clients. Without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on anti-virus, malware or security software, how can you be certain that your platforms are completely safe?

Race Computer Services will provide you with the monitored firewalls, security services and total technology support that gives you the kind of peace of mind that comes from knowing that someone is always on guard for you and for your customers. Our fully-managed IT service solutions are monitored for your safety and that of your customers.

Proven Track Record of Success

The anti-virus software that we use is second-to-none and we include services such as best-in-class firewall monitoring and protection, software update and patch services and web filtering so you are constantly protected from attackers. If something does manage to sneak through our net of services we are instantly notified so we can rectify the problem immediately using near real-time updates and disaster recovery services.

While the majority of the businesses that we work with are in Manhattan, we can comfortably provide services throughout the NYC and NJ areas. With our speedy service times, friendly, knowledgeable staff and fantastic value, Race Computers is the choice of hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses in your area.

What we offer:

  • Tailored security and technology services to meet your needs
  • Managed services programs
  • Firewall protection
  • Penetration testing (upon request)
  • Industry-leading anti-virus protection
  • Security review / vulnerability assessment
  • Email encryption
  • Email security services
  • Managed WiFi services
  • User policy settings
  • VPN security
  • Ongoing security reviews

When you’re working with Race Computer Services, you can feel 100% confident that your security and networking needs will be fully satisfied.

Whether you need a managed services contract with many of these services bundled together on an ongoing basis or prefer working on individual projects, Race Computers is your New York and New Jersey solution for technology consulting, security services and disaster recovery. Don’t let hackers, phishers and others compromise the security of your network.

Let Race Computers be your first and best line of defense and provide you with valuable insight and support for all your complex technology needs. Contact Race Computers today at (973) 343-5479 or email us at

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