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Hosted Exchange

Looking for a Hosted Exchange Service? RCS is here to help.

What is Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

  • Remote Access Server: RCS Service is an outsourced Microsoft Exchange hosting solution that allows users to sync emails, documents, calendars, and contacts. Users simply connect to their Exchange Server through one account with different portals for each user using various mobile devices.
  • An advanced Business Class Mail Server: Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server with advanced capabilities that can integrate with various Microsoft Office applications. You have the ability to connect to your email server through the Outlook application on your desktop and have all information from the email server synced with your Outlook.

Benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange

  • Access emails, calendars, and document folders throughout the organization.
  • Maintain full communication with co-workers anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to synchronize calendars, task lists, and other activities with each other.
  • Enjoy built-in protective technologies of Microsoft Exchange Hosting that allow you to reduce spam and viruses, maintain high levels of confidentiality, and stay on top of all compliance issues.
  • Protect your data by utilizing the information sharing capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Hosting that are accessed from a remote server, and arranged in a clustered environment.
  • All these benefits mean better communication, more transparency, greater efficiency, increased profitability, and at the same time, more FREE TIME.

An increasing number of businesses are relying on email as their primary communication tool. Easy, efficient, and rich access to e-mail and personal information management increases organizational efficiency. The new capabilities of Exchange Server 2016 deliver the advanced protection your company requires, the anywhere access your employees want and the operational efficiency your IT department needs. (Source: Microsoft)

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