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Need A reliable Linux Support Partner for Linux based Server?  Or perhaps your Enterprise business needs Linux Consulting because you would like to know the pros and cons of implementing a Linux based solution versus a Windows based Solution.

Race Computer Services (RCS) is a Red Hat Linux Partner and your collaborative partner in strategic information technology across New Jersey and nation-wide. 

Perhaps you’ve had difficulty finding a tech company that supports Linux.  We have an in-house Linux guru.  That allows us to effectively service this market-niche on a nation-wide level.  For a Linux and Unix support service that you can rely on, RCS is the very best choice in All of New Jersey.  We can and will maintain all your Linux based computer systems, onsite or cloud.

Since technology is changing all the time, we keep up-to-date with what is new in computing and pass that knowledge on to you to ensure you are keeping pace with what your competitors may have to offer. We can provide you with the installation and setup of new features such as various types of servers or new software packages, in addition to assisting you solve any technical issue that you may be experiencing.

Our expertise in Linux technology enables us to provide technical support in many computer related problems including desktop support, server support, network support, backups and a lot more. Our goal is to ensure that your computer systems are running at peak performance by correcting issues as quickly and as smoothly as possible. The following are a list of systems with which we provide excellent service and support for:

·         Linux Servers

o    CentOS Enterprise Linux

o    Debian GNU/Linux

o    Fedora

o    Red Hat Enterprise Linux

o    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

o    Ubuntu Server

·         Linux Desktops

o    CentOS Enterprise Linux

o    Debian GNU/Linux

o    Fedora Linux

o    Linux Mint

o    Ubuntu Desktop

The following is some of the software packages we can provide service and support for:

  • Database Servers – MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Desktops – GNOME, KDE
  • DNS Server – Bind, DNSMasq
  • File Server – Samba, NFS
  • Mail – Exim, Postfix, Sendmail
  • Office Suite –, LibreOffice
  • Web Server – Apache, PHP, CGI
  • Webmail – Squirrelmail, Horde
  • Virtualization – Linux KVM, Xen, vSphere, VirtualBox

Our Linux / Unix  based SMB Clients In Jersey City, NJ  and Newark, NJ Are very impressed with our ability to respond to operating system issues, make configuration changes.

If You need a reliable Linux or Unix Support Partner, or Linux consulting in Northern New Jersey, Central NJ, Southern NJ- or even in another state- Don’t hesitate to call Race immediately to assist with your mission-critical Linux Configuration issue, or any consulting needs for your linux based networking requirements. 

Call RCS for a no obligation review of your technology needs at (973)343-5479.



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