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Take the First step in cybersecurity. Start Today with our Premier Managed Firewall Service Package

Our Firewall as a service package allows any business to address cyber security or information security concerns in the easiest and fastest manner possible. We have factored out the nonsense and designed a simple package which addresses a large portion of cybersecurity concerns for your business by giving you The Very Best Hardware in combination with the Best Cyber Security for a low flat monthly rate. This combination of Expertise and technology is truly a great value for any business.

It’s Easy

Our Managed Security Firewall Service is very quick and easy to deploy. Submit a request and we have a brief call with you regarding your business. After that, we will configure your firewall to manage all the threats by configuring security policies specific to your business. After that is done, we call you back and setup an appointment for the installation.

It’s a Surprisingly Small Commitment

Many businesses today put off cyber security concerns because they think cybersecurity is going to cost them so much that it puts their business in jeopardy. We will HELP you, and we will keep the charges to a minimal monthly commitment.

Value: Best Bang for the Buck

We guarantee that our Firewall package is the best value. You have the ability to leverage a cybersecurity expert AND the Right Hardware for the cost of a cellphone bill, and a T-mobile cell phone bill at that. Ok, maybe a T-Mobile account with 3 lines!

You have a Team to rely on:

You have a reliable team who manages your alerts and reports back any security concerns with your business on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis (at your interval choice). We offer this service as a nationwide service rather than a geographically specific service. Our business model and process oriented service has been picking up enough to offer this nationally!

Other Types of Managed Security Services

Fully-Managed Security Services: If you don’t own an array of security devices, RCS will extend its tools and technologies (SIEM, NGAV, Threat Intel, VCM, and more) to your organization and fully manage everything on a 24x7x365 basis.

Co-Managed Security Services: If you own an array of security devices but remain short on internal security resources required to manage these solutions on a 24x7x365 basis, this model allows your staff to focus on other strategic security projects and offloads the intensive job of monitoring and managing security events directly to RCS.

RCS’s Nationwide Cyber Security Services

  • Incident Response & Event Investigation
  • Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking Tests
  • PCI Compliance Assessment & Consulting
  • Risk and Compliance Consulting
  • GDPR Consulting Services
  • Managed Antivirus | With incident response

Please Allow us to show you how easy the cyber-security process can be. Reach out to us today at (973)343-5479, or send an email at