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You wouldn’t consider running your overall business without a strategy, so why should your technology department be any different?

While most businesses in the New York and New Jersey area only dream of having room in their payroll to hire a CIO, Race Computers can provide you with the same level of commitment and support – but without the overhead that comes with having someone in that type of position full-time.

What is a VCIO?

Just as you may outsource your payroll, legal or distribution services, a VCIO is an outsourced – or virtual – Chief Information Officer who can help align your technology needs to support your business goals. Understanding your business at a deep level takes time and commitment, and a big-picture knowledge that only years of high-level experience can provide. Our VCIO will learn your business and how best to support your initiatives from a technology perspective; blending a passion for process improvement with a forward-thinking drive for learning and implementing new solutions.

When you work with Race Computers, you know that you’re getting a true professional – someone who can come alongside your business leaders and make the recommendations necessary to leap ahead of your competition. We firmly believe that our VCIO services will add value to your organization, providing you with the recommendations, tools and strategies that you need and the reliable infrastructure that you can trust.

Staying In Touch

Our VCIO services include a quarterly meeting to touch base about business goals, and how we can leverage technology to solve your greatest challenges in reaching those goals. Whether you’re looking to grow sales, improve service or reach out to more customers – the professionals at Race Computers can provide you with the tools that you need to be successful as an organization. We pledge to truly listen to your business needs, and not simply make assumptions and recommendations before we have the true picture of your business.

Part of our quarterly conversation will include a security review of your business systems, to ensure you are not under undue threats from hackers or malware – anything that could impact system availability. We can also work with you to ensure that your resources are being used appropriately through logs and usage tracking.

Continuous Improvement

One of our critical success measures is whether or not we have provided our clients with continued business progress. We want to ensure that Race Computers is always helping you move forward – and looking for what the next iteration of success looks like for your business and how we can work together to get there.

No matter the size of your business, Race Computers can work with you to provide the high-quality technology support that will keep your business running smoothly and effectively. Contact Race Computers today at (973) 343-5479 or email us at [email protected]